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Dutch education abroad

Dutch education from anywhere in the world.

Online dutch language course

Learn Dutch in a fun and engaging way.

Project-Based Learning

Let students be in charge of what they learn.

English lessons for children

Learn English at a young age.

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Unique Education

Do you live abroad and would you like your children to maintain the Dutch language?
Do you live in the Netherlands and does the problem occur that there is no school that matches your child’s qualities?

We provide personalized education, online. We do this from within an online class setting where students maintain social contacts and can share experiences. We work with the official curriculums and SLO-core objectives.

In addition to regular education, we also offer projects based on the Project-Based Learning concept. Here we will be working on realistic projects in which the students take the lead and will get in contact with professionals from the field. Already a great success in the USA!
They learn to take the lead, plan, collaborate, think critically, and work from within intrinsic motivation.
If you take a look at one of our classes you will feel like you are walking into the business world. Students don’t ask us how to get information, but whether the self-written email for the company director doesn’t contain spelling mistakes.
It all seems impossible, but they will amaze you.

Our mission:
– lay claim to the 21st-century skills
– working from within the intrinsic motivation and experience of the students
– challenging and realistic Project-Based Learning projects in Dutch and English
– improving self-management, planning, computer skills, collaboration, communication, and autonomy
– working in an atmosphere where respect, appreciation, and trust are paramount
– combination of enthusiastic, driven American and Dutch teachers

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Project-based learning

Ready to make a difference in school?
To give the students the tools they really need in life?

  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Autonomy
  • Information Technology
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
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    What We Do

    Project-Based Learning Projects

    Where students deepen their learning and achieve success in college, career, and life.

    English & Dutch

    Dutch language course & English for young children

    Dutch education abroad

    Work on your Dutch education while living abroad.

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    Meet our Teachers!

    We are enthusiastic teachers with a shared passion for education.
    We share this passion with our students and give them the confidence and trust to boost their creativity and autonomy.
    We won’t tell them how to improve but guide them towards new learning and coach them when needed. We focus on the process, not the final product.
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    Lorie Riegelsberger

    – Primary School Teacher – Teacher of English as a Foreign Language – American Teaching Certificate

    Nadieh Cuijpers

    -Primary school teacher -Dutch Language teacher -Teacher English as a Foreign Language – Dutch Teaching Certificate

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