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Dutch education abroad.

We will work with Google Classroom, and you will find all your resources on this online platform. We will also upload the project here.

The students will work independently during the two individual classes, monitored by us.
All documents are interactive and can be opened and edited by us.
We will meet face-to-face once a week in a class setting.

We will schedule an extra face-to-face call when we see a student struggle or getting behind.
This is also the case when a student shows a lack of effort or participation. We will have a meeting with the student to help him find a way to solve this problem. The students are in charge of their own learning and should take action to improve their autonomy.

Course Information

  • Class Start : You can join the class during the year.
  • Course Duration : Full school year
  • Student Capacity : 1-10 students
  • Class Schedule : 1 face to face class per week, 2 individual classes.
  • Class Time : 60 minutes per week
  • Course Price : $170
  • Teacher Name :


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