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English Language Class for Kids

This course is designed for children aged 4-5 who are learning English for the first time or English speaking children that want to learn the reading building blocks. Courses are fun and interactive that are sure to inspire your child to want to learn English.

Your child will learn the letters and sounds of the English alphabet, learn to write the letters properly, create and play with words, and practice fine motor skills. This course primarily focuses on building your child’s phonemic awareness. This is the basic knowledge and understanding of the sounds in words which is the building block of reading. One way that we do that is through Whole Brain Learning. This is a strategy that combines a sound, visual, and action to help students learn and retain that information, and it’s fun! Here we also focus on the correct punctuation of the sounds to create an authentic American accent.

These 30 minute classes are pre recorded and posted weekly so you can work on the course at your own convenience. Our English teacher will review your child’s work each week to provide feedback and other learning resources as necessary. Additional face to face lessons may be available per request.

This course is meant to be fun and develop independence in your child with their learning. Let’s get started!


  • Gmail address
  • Tablet

Course Syllabus

  • Official English school curriculum
  • One individual class per week
  • Live lesson upon request
  • $20 per class or $280 total- one free class if paid in full!


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Course Information

  • Class Start : Upon Request
  • Course Duration : 15 weeks
  • Student Capacity : Individual
  • Class Schedule : Class and feedback will be uploaded every Friday
  • Class Time : 30 minutes
  • Course Price : $20
  • Teacher Name :


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