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“The teacher is not in school to impose certain ideas or to form certain habits in the child, but is there as a member of the community to select the influences which shall affect the child and to assist him in properly responding to these influences.”

– John Dewey

What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning utilizes the child’s problem-solving abilities. We give students a real-world problem and solve it by researching information to solve this problem.

Why Project-Based Learning?

Most textbooks give problems that do not always occur in the real world or are formulated in a specific way so that the answer is easy to find. Project-Based Learning works with a realistic problem and looks for real, suitable solutions.

During this research, we make use of multiple realistic sources, such as:
– targeted use of the internet
– getting in contact with professionals from the specific field of expertise
– getting in contact with students from other countries

We use critical thinking when searching for information. For example, looking at the sources the site uses and ensuring they’re reliable sources. With all the information gained, we will get to work and creatively and innovatively arrive at a suitable solution.

Benefits of Project-Based Learning:

– The students’ apply their prior knowledge related to realistic problems.
– They are given the opportunity to merge and use all their knowledge during the project.
– Students must apply their creativity and inventiveness.
– Students have to come up with solutions in order to move forward in the project.
– Learning by doing: the students cannot settle for an answer, and must do everything in their power to
acquire the correct knowledge to advance in the process.
– Students work from intrinsic motivation and autonomy to progress further into the project and their
own learning.

Who does it apply to?

Because we look at the projects according to preference, motivation, knowledge and background, everyone can start working with the projects. In general, it is intended for students starting at grade 5, but we can always see what the possibilities are for younger children that are eager to investigate.

– Project-Based Learning helps students improve language skills and challenges them to use new vocabulary or a new language.
– Project-Based Learning helps students who may feel like their strengths in the general classroom aren’t being recognized, used, or challenged.
– Project-Based Learning can be a supplement and challenge gifted students.

All projects can be offered in Dutch and in English.

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Course Information

  • Class Start : Upon Request
  • Course Duration : 5-6 weeks
  • Student Capacity : 0-5
  • Class Schedule : 1 class per week
  • Class Time : 60 minutes
  • Course Price : $115
  • Teacher Name : Nadieh Cuijpers


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