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Plan een trip door Europa!

Plan een trip door Europa!




You’re going on a trip to Europe!
You will be in charge of everything so it’s up to you to decide what countries and places you will visit.

What the project consists of:

Going on a trip isn’t just packing your bags and hop on the plane.
You will start from scratch by deciding what countries you will visit.
What’s next?
– book your plane tickets
– find hotels/Airbnb/etc.
– what activities will you do during the day?
– what is the typical food of the countries you’ll visit and will you try and taste it?
– etc.

We will get in contact with foreigners from one or more of your chosen countries to get tips from locals.
As you can see, this isn’t an ordinary project. You will plan a realistic trip.
So make sure you present your project to your family once you finished because maybe they will be excited and take this trip with you!

We are ready to get started! Are you?

The project will take approximately 3 weeks.

The project can be offered in English, Dutch, or in a combination of these.


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